P Sudhaker
Cheif Executive Officer

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  2. Sudhaker@shakticapital.in
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sudhaker-p-91227115/

P Sudhaker-Cheif Executive Officer

Sudhaker is an investment banker with a career spanning over 16 years of chequered work experience. He is backed by a wide experience in the fund raising and wealth advisory business. His main area of expertise is in fund raising through IPO main board, IPO in SME platform PE/ VC Funding .He was instrumental in setting up NSE’s Mutual fund platform for NSE Apart from this he has wide range of experience in debt structuring and syndication. His experience till date in the above activities has also helped him giving qualified advice to HNI’s and Corporate on investment advisory solutions. He has sufficient exposure in Mergers and Acquisitions and also in buy outs and buy in’s in various industry sectors. In an advisory role Sudhaker has been in the forefront of many structured deals that have been diligently structured by him for various corporate across the country. His experience has enabled him to make good structured and innovative deals for various clients across the country.

V R Ganapathy
Director Infrastructure

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  2. vrganapathy@shakticapital.in
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ganapathy-v-r-619495169/

V R Ganapathy-Director Infrastructure

Ganapathy is an EPC professional with a career spanning over 21 years with a wide range of experience in the EPC space. He has had his major experience in various EPC segments such as water, waste water, CETPs, industrial effluent, Roads and Bridges, Power, Renewable, Utilities etc to name a few. With his experience in the EPC space he has been able to structure deals in the EPC, especially in various infrastructure segments with investments brought in through the BOT, BOOT, DBFOT routes. As an experienced EPC professional who has worked in various parts of the country he has been able to bring many project references which have benefitted from these business models thereby creating a winning situation forthe investors and investee. As a passionate technology professional he has been able to use his skills in getting good investments for innovative projects especially in the EPC space.